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March 2023
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Founder of the Add1Challenge, Brian Kwong and Add1Challenge veteran, Kevin Richardson talk about how they arrived at starting the fifth Add1Challenge.


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This is the second time we invite Benny back and this Burning Questions session is packed full of golden questions.  The questions are asked by language learners around the world who are participating in the Add1Challenge.  The goal is to be able to hold a 15 minutes conversation with a native speaker by day 90 so these are their burning questions while striving for their goal.  You will learn how to stay motivated when you gets bored, how to memorize Chinese words, and much more.

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Alex Rawlangs graduated from Oxford and was a speaker in the first ever Polyglot Conference in Budapest and the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin.  Alex will share how his passion for language got started and his approach on how to learn to speak a new language.

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Iryna Zayats is a polyglot and the winner of the $10,000 USD memory competition organized by Tim Ferriss and Memerise as a complete beginner.  She memorized a deck of card in under 1 minute to win the competition and In this show, she will share exactly how she did it and maybe you can find inspirations of implementing some of her wisdom into your language learning approach.

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Add1Challenge Episode 5

Anthony Lauder gave one of the best speech in the Polyglot Conference in Budapest.

Anthony is a great communicator and he tell interesting stories to get  his message across in a clear and simple manner.  

You will have plenty of ah huh moments from this interview on how he approach language learning,

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Add1Challenge Episode 4

Benny Lewis runs the super popular language learning website call the with more than half a million  visitors per month.  

In this episodo, he will answers all the burning questions directly from the language learners who were participating in the add1challenge so You will get to see Benny's approach and some nitty gritty details of how he learn his target languages. 

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Luca Lampariello is a polyglot from Rome who have been studying foreign languages for more than 20 years.  


His passion for language learning, knowledge, skills and experience is truly amazing and there is a lot we can learn from Luca.  And in this podcast you will learn how to reduce accent and speak more fluently with step by step instructions on how to do it. 

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Add1Challenge Episode 2

Emanuele Marini focuses on Eastern European languages and he can speak 30+ languages.

And this is what Alex Rawlangs, the most multi lingual student in the UK has to say about Emanule, Quote "What impresses me the most about Emanuele is not only the range of the languages he can speak, but also the depth of each language."

In this podcast, you will learn his exact method and approach on how he learn his target languages.

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Add1Challenge Episode 1

With 6 tones, and rarely spoken by foreigners, Carlos Douh's Cantonese is as good as it gets for someone who is self taught. 

I was impressed with his humor and Cantonese from his youtube channel, so I had to meet him in person and ask him how he learned to speak Cantonese and this is exactly what you will learn in this podcast.

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